Analysis Of The Film Natural Born Killers

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The 20th century was arguably the most grotesque and violent period of modern contemporary human existence. The 20th century witnessed the horrors of the first modern wars between World War 2, The Vietnam War, and the Korean War just to name a few. The unnerving reality of possible nuclear detonation as The Cold War progressed put the American populace in a state of constant fear over an imminent nuclear holocaust. The 20th century also saw the birth of many infamous serial killers in its later half such as Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, O.J Simpson, and many other homicidal psychopaths. The glaring irony of the 20th century is how mankind becomes more violent as it progresses; the more we humans advance the tools of destruction, the more likely we are to implement them, killing exponentially more each time we progress as one would logically imagine our primal instincts would become suppressed as humanity evolves. A century built on gore and violence inspired many theatrical depictions of the events that had occurred within the 20th century, but the quintessential film satirizing the 20th century whilst still also portraying a symbolic message would be Natural Born Killers by the legendary cinematic director, Oliver Stone. Stone’s film Natural Born Killers symbolizes the 20th’s century's murderous history and humanity’s unsettling fascination and obsession with death and murder. Natural Born Killers is not only a satirization of the massive amount of death in the 20th

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