Analysis Of The Film ' Nausicaa Of The Valley ' The Wind '

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The issue of environment is a popular topic which is used commercially in film and movie. Those environmentalism films bring the message to the audience to take action for environment 's sake. Many of them usually portrait the picture of environment disaster which destroys humanity and people who suffering to survive natural catastrophe. Two of the movie that contains that idea are "2012"(Emmerich,2009) of Columbia Picture which is directed by Roland Emmerich and Studio Ghibli 's animated film "Nausicaa of the valley of the wind"(Mizayaki,1984) directed by Hayao Mizayaki. The use of the language of moving image in those movies is different for one is animation and the other one is live action and the difference in mise en scene, cinematography, etc. but both of them represent the same theme and idea about the environment. This essay will examine how the two of the film differently use the language of moving image to show the impact of nature disaster to human and how they position audience to experience the issue of the film via language of moving image.
In "Nausicaa of the valley of the wind", the time in the story is set in a dystopian timeline when humanity struggle of living in bad environment between vast toxic jungles that are enveloping the land which is full of deathly insect. Some remaining kingdoms are in the war with the jungle and each other. In the middle of the war, there is a flourishing small kingdom called the Valley of the wind that is peaceful,…
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