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The film, Prince of Egypt, is unreliable when compared to the Biblical account of Exodus. The 1998 DreamWorks production retells the story of Moses. . The producers of the film have made changes to various areas of the story and by doing this have changed the theme of the animation to appeal and relate more to a movie audience. These changes differ from the Bible's original theme of God is mighty and can do all things. Some of the major changes to the themes are found in the settings, the characters and the Storyline. Therefore, these changes impact the film’s accuracy when compared to the Bible. A large assortment of characters were saved Some of which are the Condition of the Nile, Giza and Rameses, also the burning bush. In the…show more content…
Most notable of these changes were Pharaoh and Moses. Pharaoh in the Bible pharaoh is a man Moses knew nothing of as when Moses was in the desert God appeared to him. Moses said what if they kill me, then God said all you knew are dead. Unlike in the film Prince of Egypt. In the Film the Pharaoh is Moses’ brother Rameses who he grew up with. Another character changed was Moses, in the Bible Moses had a more shy timid personality; an example is that in the animation Moses talked to the Pharaoh unlike in the Bible Aaron did this. In the movie Moses marched down to the pharaoh and demanded his people be freed. I believe the directors of the film steered away from the Bible with Pharaoh because most audiences can relate and recognise sibling rivalry; this makes people enjoy the movie more. This links to the movies theme of Making the film relatable to the audience. An example of this theme within the character is Brother vs. Brother. This although being a theme & personality changes contributes to the movies inaccuracy compared to the story of Exodus, as of the various altered personalities this major factor once again shows that the film prince of egypt is unreliable when compared to the Story of Exodus. In addition to the many other changes, the storyline is an area where there is definitely some of the most substantial differences. The Producers modified the plot of the Motion Picture to the Bible, to bring excitement and

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