Analysis Of The Film ' Ratatouille '

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The animated film, Ratatouille, may seem like just another Disney/Pixar collaboration to some, and while that partnership seems to always produce innovative and interesting films, this film about a rat who realizes his dream to become a chef is something beyond even, what these two giants in the film industry usually do together. It is more than just a sweet story about Remy, an anthropomorphized rat—but not too anthropomorphized—realizing his dream along with the garbage boy, Linguini, who teams up with Remy. Both of them discover who they really are and overcome insecurities that previously prevented them from realizing their full potential, but the movie is a recipe for success in many ways. The loving care and talent that is combined in the making of this film is the same kind of care and talent that Remy—or any real chef—puts into his food. Still, it seems impossible that a rat making food in a Parisian restaurant could possibly have the right ingredients to produce a successful result—however, Ratatouille proves that it does. Just like the painstaking attention that goes into a chef’s creation of a meal, the care and skill that resulted in the film sets Ratatouille above the typical animated movie and makes it a classic in not just unusual story-lines, creative computer graphics, and groundbreaking film-making, but also as a study of human behavior. There is truly something for everyone in this feast of a film.
Beyond the storyline, which is original and different,…
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