Analysis Of The Film ' Sankofa '

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Sankofa is an Ankan word which means, “We must go back and reclaim our past in order to move forward ( Diop, 2014).” The film Sankofa was produced in the year 1993 in Ghana directed by Haile Gerima. It is based on the Atlantic slave trade. It is the story slavery from the point of view of Africans. In the film, all characters represent an element of African American culture (Gerima, 1993). It also shows the traditional racial scale with the whites at the top followed by Half-castes in the middle and blacks at the bottom.
The film is the story of Mona, who is an African-American woman who is brought back to Africa and finds herself as a slave on the Lafayette sugarcane plantation (Gerima, 1993). In a previous life, she was born on the sugar farm and named Shola. She was caught and sold and transported as a slave in North America. This brings the interplay between the African American identity on one side and the other African identity. The film achieves this through reconstructing the past and history and also through the conception of blackness and race.
By looking keenly at the main characters in the movie, one can see the mixed racial architecture that prevailed and that still exists to some extent in the American society. The first character in the film, Shango, is a maroon slave who was brought to the Lafayette sugar plantation from West Indies. He is key figure among the slaves in the plantation and also the leader of the rebellion. Shola, the narrator, is not only
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