Analysis Of The Film Snowpiercer

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The plot in the film Snowpiercer, directed by Bong Joon Ho, follows lead actor Chris Evans, who stated in reference to the film, “I absolutely think it should be seen on a big screen. But I read something where someone from RADiUS that said, ‘A screen is a screen is a screen (Daniels).’” This quote is significant because it relates to the current expansion of entertainment delivery systems in the world. Nonetheless, Snowpiercer is a film that was directed for the cinema screen. When it was released in 2013, the film made approximately eighty-seven billion dollars internationally, and it was considered one of the first films of the year in the competition for an Oscar (Pomerantz). Furthermore, this film was produced by SnowPiercer, Moho Film, Opus Pictures, Stillking Films, and CJ Entertainment (“Snowpiercer”). In terms of the story, the setting of Snowpiercer is 2031where the entire earth is frozen except for a train and its survivors. The train is divided into a class system where the poor are at the back of the train, and the wealthy are at the front. With this to say, the poor are treated appallingly, forced to live in cramped and dirty spaces, and are given scarce supplies of food. Thus, the story follows Curtis, led by actor Chris Evans, as he devises a revolt from the back of the train to fight through the enemies guarding the front (Snowpiercer). Snowpiercer is a diverse film adaptation that uses vivid imagery and a compelling narrative to exemplify the spectacle,
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