Analysis Of The Film ' Stills '

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“Untitled Film Stills is a series of sixty-nine black-and-white photographs made between 1977 and 1980. In them Sherman appears as fictitious characters in scenarios resembling moments in a film. She used vintage clothing, wigs and makeup to create a range of female personae which she then photographed in apparently solitary, unguarded moments of reflection, undress, or in conversation with somebody off-set and outside of the frame” (Tate, 2015) As mentioned in my research Cindy Sherman was a big inspiration towards my creative project. My intentions were too look into historical photography, films and film stills to create my final nine photographs using a Hasselblad medium format camera and Cindy Sherman’s ‘Untitled’ series that she has conducted throughout 1977 to 1980 was a very inspirational series of work. “Real film stills are not stills from the actual film but are photographs taken to encapsulate aspects of the film for advertising purposes, to be shown on billboards or in magazines or newspapers.” (Tate, 2015) Cindy Sherman has said that her ‘Untitled’ series of film stills are not meant to look like actual film stills but like advertisements for films on billboards or magazines, in comparison to my own final creative project photographs I tried to make them more like they were actually taken whilst on a film shoot. Whereas Sherman’s series is all different photographs that do not link to each other in many ways, I have made multiple narrative stories within my

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