Analysis Of The Film Straight Out Of Compton

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In the movie, Straight Out Of Compton, we see the story of the of musical group NWA, from start, to breakup, to eventual death of their dear friend. Through the film, you see a significant amount of cultural expression and political activism. Most of their songs provide a detailed story of what it’s like in one of the most dangerous cities in the USA. While that alone doesn’t count as political activism, the singing of their songs, their sheer deference to political and social norms, and even their response to political threat best shows their political activism. The moment that best exemplified this was both the disregard of the FBI’s warning and the Chicago police’s warning not to sing F*** The Police, a song about the racially discriminatory,…show more content…
But prior to the death of the main character, you see a glimpse of his life beforehand. You see a day in the life of a man, trying to do right by his family, trying to stay away from the negative influence that, we assume, led to him being incarcerated. In doing so, he see the true evil of the inner city. The sad truth that, for most people living inside its hollow halls, getting out of the underground world that such a society holds, can be impossible. When Oscar tries to get his life turned around, his past haunts him. From not being able to get his job back due to the fact that he was often late, to the fight that resulted in his eventual arrest, and death, he can’t escape his past mistakes. Moreover, while is past mistakes often guided his life, it isn’t just his mistakes and decisions that guided his life on his last fateful day. When the fight on the train ended, Oscar and all of his friends were calculated, they made decisions that they knew exactly what would happen next, which they did. In the inner city, police brutality is almost inherent, like a need for water, there is an implicit acceptance of police getting “too powerful”. Whether it be the “he looked like a gang member” or the “I thought it was my taser”, police officers jump to violence in the name of safety. While this may just be a quick snapshot of police brutality, this isn’t something new. Police brutality has always existed, in some form or another. And while there are police officers who take the name of law into their hand rightly, that is the minority for these police. For those in the majority, they take on a view of superiority, and when such a view backfires and they go too far, they hid under the veil of a badge to
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