Analysis Of The Film ' The Bicycle Thief '

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In the film The Bicycle Thief the audience is able to witness all the elements of neorealism. The use of non professional actors, to low class working characters, the flattening of scenes, and the location where it was shot at; are just a few of the essential elements that can be found in this film along with copious neorealist films. It is clear that the director used a variety of shots, angles, and set-ups in order to create certain emotions at very specific scenes in the film. From the start we are able to obtain a feel about the film’s tone as a result of the lack of color. The use of black and white truly helped the audience experience what Italy was like during the post World War 2. As a result of the depressing post war we are able to detect how the act of trying to improve oneself can sometimes lead to desperation. To begin with we view unemployment at its highest in the opening scene where we are introduced to the primary character Antonio Ricci. The director used a low angle medium shot of a man outside standing on a stairway in front of a building, calling out people’s names to offer them jobs. This shot informs the audience that this man has power over any other person in this scene as a result of the position of the camera which automatically makes him look taller and stand out from the crowd. We are able to watch all the struggling people crowding against him in need of a job. Based on the first scene the audience can feel the desperation of the people; they
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