Analysis Of The Film ' The Black Swan '

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Psychology: Mental Illness within the Media Jordan Start Sheridan College Section: 1 The film the Black Swan (2010) focuses on Nina, a young ballerina with a sweet/childlike demeanour. She is employed at a New York ballet studio, and like many of her co-dancers, her life is consumed with dance. Nina lives in residence with her over controlling, obsessive former ballerina mother, who wields a claustrophobic control over Nina and blames her child as the reason why she was unable to ‘make it’ as a ballerina. When artistic director Thomas Leroy decides to replace the companies prima (veteran) ballerina, Beth, for the opening production of their new season production, Tchaikovsky 's ballet “Swan Lake”, Nina is determined to obtain the role. And to Nina’s excitement, she is Leroy’s first choice. However, a new dancer to the company, Lily, quickly impresses Leroy with her natural, playful, seductive nature as she dances (all of which Nina is not). The production of Swan Lake requires a single dancer who can play both roles of the White Swan and the Black Swan. The White Swan with its innocence, grace and perfection, while the Black Swan represents deviousness and sensuality. While Nina fits the profile of the graceful White Swan perfectly, she struggles with the role of the Black Swan. While in comparison Lily is the personification of the Black Swan. As the two young dancers expand their rivalry and friendship, Nina finds herself seeing and remembering events
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