Analysis Of The Film ' The Scarecrow '

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The short film entitled “The Scarecrow” depicts a scarecrow, who is an employee for Crow Foods, roaming about his daily routine. Throughout the film, the scarecrow encounters various “all natural” meat products being sent out, chickens being pumped full of hormones, and cows confined to small boxes. The scarecrow is deeply saddened by the falsehoods and cruelty he sees in this world, but near the end of the ad he finds a red pepper that changes his attitude. The pepper is seen growing in a small patch of lush green land in the otherwise industrialized and destroyed parts of the scarecrow’s home. The scarecrow decides to cultivate a variety of other vegetables, and begins to sell tacos in a crevice between two meat producing factories. The enthymeme that is being produced by this film is that it is wrong to consume hormone injected or factory produced meat because it is unethical. The warrant being produced by this enthymeme is that being unethical is a bad thing. Backing to this warrant may be a moral debate that claims treating animals unethically is a sign of horrible character. The reason for this enthymeme is that the majority of factories and large corporations use and or produce hormone injected or cruelly treated meat. Grounds for this reason state that factories are required to produce large amounts of meat, and the quickest way to do that is to inject the animals with hormones. This film relies heavily on the use of kairos and pathos to demonstrate its enthymeme,
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