Analysis Of The Film ' The Simpsons '

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The Simpsons often parody many classic films. One film they parody is Goodfellas by Martin Scorsese. In this film the character Henry Hill narrates his life as a gangster. He goes through the reasons why he decided to become a gangster. He explains how being a gangster makes him feel like a somebody and how they offer him protection. The Mafia gives Henry Hill a place to call his own. The mafia becomes his family. The movie Goodfellas is based off of a book called Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi which is based on a true story. One of the reasons this film was so popular was because it was based in reality. The film details what the life of a gangster is. It also displays the message that crime does not pay. At the end of the film all the gangsters either end up dead, in jail, or in the witness protection program. Henry Hill is a great example of how crime doesn’t pay. Henry Hill during the film seems to be living the American dream. He has more money than he knows what to do with and everyone in town knows who he is. He feels as though he is living the life. These are some of the many aspects of living life outside the law that attracts the American viewer. Henry seems to be living the American dream but this dream doesn’t last very long. Before Henry knows it he is arrested for committing many crimes but the biggest one is his trafficking of cocaine. At this point it becomes clear to see that crime doesn’t pay. This film paints several of the mobster as heroes they provide…
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