Analysis Of The Film ' The Tale Of The White Serpent '

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Ever since watching Hayao Miyazaki’s film, ‘Spirited Away’, I was enamoured with the art style aesthetics, smooth animation and storytelling. His work in Studio Ghibli had played a major part in my desire to work in animation and to create artistic and compelling stories. But it’s not just me he has influenced and inspired, and it’s in this essay that I will discuss how this illustrious individual has influenced and placed his mark in the animation world. Miyazaki had always had an interest in drawing in his youth. Though his fascination with animation had started during his high school years when he first watched the feature-length anime film, ‘The Tale of the White Serpent’. And after joining a children 's literature club in college, his interest only grew. It was in 1963 after completing his degrees, that Miyazaki decided to pursue animation as a career and joined Toei Animation. There, he learned the basic fundamentals of animation and met up with his future collaborators, associates and even his future wife. He started off drawing key frames in the animations he worked on, making sure that the figures moved and transitioned smoothly. His skill and determination in creating such free-flow work had impressed his higher ups, and he was soon moved up from being an in-between artist, to becoming heavily involved with the Animators Union. That’s where he would eventually work alongside many other forward-thinking and progressive animators and help create Isao Takahata’s

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