Analysis Of The Film ' The Wild County '

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The Wild County is a modern Spaghetti Western film set to be released on March 2018. I will be the director of the film, and will mainly take care of the visual aspect of the film. The film’s visual element takes inspiration from one of Sergio Leone’s prominent film Once Upon a Time in the West (1968). The first scene I will direct in the film is Scene IV. The spotting for the film will occur on November 24th, 2016. The first spotting session will mainly focus on arranging the music with the footage taken for Scene IV. The meeting will be attended by the film composer Richard Marley along with our three music editors Cindy Nicholson, Brandon Howard, and Susan Baxter. The plot of the film is about Bruce West, a young cowboy who travels to Cape Town, Lousiana in order to seek redemption for the death of his family back in Mississippi. Bruce West’s family are murdered by the evil Samuel Johnson and his crew called the Red Bandits. The Red Bandits plan to infiltrate Cape Town by robbing the town of it’s fortune and kidnapping mayor Smith as hostage. In order to stop the Red Bandits, Bruce West creates a group called The Rebellion to fight against the Red Bandits and save Cape Town from chaos. Scene IV will have no source music, meaning no music will be heard by both the audience and the characters. Moreover, there will be no dialogue between characters as this is a silent film. The only sound in the scene will be the non-diegetic music created by the film composer Richard

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