Analysis Of The Film ' Waltz With Bashir '

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What are you insecure about? Every individual has at least one insecurity that they internally battle with every day. For example, some may be embarrassed of their physical appearance, which may lead to low self-esteem. Others may be socially awkward and some may even be insecure about their financial status. Social anxiety and insecurities have rose among Israelis and Palestinians throughout recent years. In the Television Show, Arab Labor, viewers were shown the personal identity issues that the main character, Amjad, battled with. The personality of Israelis and Palestinians has affected their vulnerability to certain situations following the 2009 Gaza Conflict. They have faced distressing repercussions from war such as posttraumatic stress disorder. In the film, Waltz with Bashir, a young man struggles with reoccurring dreams that stemmed from his time as a solider in the 1982 Lebanon War. Just like any individual on this earth, Israelis and Palestinians face social anxiety and battle with insecurities every day from certain events that affect the way they carry out their everyday lives. In the Television Show, Arab Labor, the main character, Amjad, battles with insecurities with his own personal identity. Amjad is an Israeli born, Palestinian journalist in search of his identity. He has faced religious, cultural, and political differences that cause him to be insecure. Amjad felt like he stuck out like a sore thumb in life. Amjad wanted more than anything

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