Analysis Of The Film ' White Like Me '

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Tim Wise’s film “White Like Me” is an educational documentary about racism and white privilege. The film begins with Wise’s personal story on how he learned the importance of race at a young age after attending preschool at Tennessee State University, a historically African American college. Being one of the only Caucasian students and being taught by predominantly African American administrators, allowed Wise to gain respect for African American authority figures which ultimately made a huge difference in how he came to see the world. Throughout the film, Wise expands on his personal encounters with race while incorporating interviews with scholars and candid comments from white students discussing their opinions on some heavy questions…show more content…
According to Wise, the benefits of white privilege include material benefits like better job opportunities, better housing access, and better education opportunities. There is also the psychological benefit of just the realization that as a white person, one is not going to be racially profiled when going about their everyday business. As the documentary continues, Republican strategist, Lee Atwater outlines the idea of the Southern Strategy. The Southern Strategy is a political strategy used by conservatives in which Republican politicians choose their language wisely to “speak in a kind of racial code designed to turn white working class voters against government programs (Wise, 2007).” According to John H. Bracey, this type of racism indirectly hurts the interests and well-being of working-class whites too. When aid is in question for whites, it also means that blacks would benefit from it as well and since some white people are so racist, they refuse the aid all together. For example, in Mississippi, there are people who won’t expand Medicare because they have such a dysfunctional political system that they would rather turn down aid for white people because the same aid would also help black people. A lot of people’s responses to this racism and inequality is to say that we should all just be colorblind. We should see people as

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