Analysis Of The Financial Ratios Of David Jones

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The following financial report provides an analysis of the financial ratios of David Jones with its close competitor in the retail sector, Myer. The financial ratios analyzed include profitability ratios, leverage ratios, efficiency ratios and market ratios for the two companies. The analysis utilizes individual company time-series analysis as well as industry cross-sectional analysis with the aim of determining the competitiveness of David Jones relative to its close competitor Myer. Introduction Financial ratio analysis is a valuable tool that allows one to assess the success, potential failure or future prospects of the company (Bazley 2012). The ratios are helpful in spotting useful trends that can indicate the warning signs of…show more content…
Profitability ratios are used to measure the overall efficiency of thebusiness, as well as management effectiveness. Examples of profitability ratios include the gross margin ratio and the net margin ratios. Gross profit margin The gross profit margin measures the amount of profits that a company generates from its operations without consideration of its indirect costs. Thehigher thegross profit margin, the greater the efficiency of a company’s operations (Besley & Brigham 2007). It means that the company is generating enough income to cover its operating expenses. On the contrary, a lower gross profit margin indicates that the business is not generating adequate income to cover its operating expenses. The formulae for calculating gross profit margin is David Jones’ gross profit margin for the past three years has remained stable with minimal fluctuations. The following calculated figures are for the year 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013; 39.73%, 39.10%, 37.50% and 37.8% respectively. Such an observation is desirable as it is indicative that the company is financially stable as it is generating enough income to cover its operating expenses and make savings. It suggests that the industry in which the company operates has not experienced drastic economic fluctuations that can affect the company’s cost of goods sold. However,

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