Analysis Of The First Lady Of The United States

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Interviewer: “Today I am joined by the First Lady of The United States, Abigail Adams. Hello Abigail, thank you for agreeing to sit down with me and discuss many different topics. Abigail, as most of the nation knows, is married to President John Adams. Throughout his life, John has served two terms as Vice President to George Washington, is currently the President, a Founding Father, prominent leader of American Independence from Britain, a political theorist, lawyer, and diplomat. With John participating in the creation of the future of the nation, he maintained a great deal of authority and political influence. Abigail, when did you meet John Adams?”

Abigail: “Well, John and I have known eachother since we were children because we are actually third cousins. John and I formally met as young adults in 1762 at a social gathering. At the time, I was only seventeen years old, while John was twenty six. We instantly became close friends.Pursuing a career in law in Boston, he began to frequently visit, realizing that I was his intellectual equal, for I love to discuss politics and literature. Our relationship quickly transformed into a long-distance courtship as John furthered his career in law, until we married in 1764. Through the toughest of times, we have never ceased to support one another, for I consider John my dearest and best friend.”

Interviewer: “Soon after your marriage, you welcomed your first child, a daughter named Abigail, and moved to Braintree to live on…
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