Analysis Of The Five-Forty-Eight

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“The Five Forty-Eight” “The Five-Forty-Eight” by John Cheever is a short story about a woman, Miss Dent, whom gets her revenge on a man, Mr. Blake, who has no morals that slept, fires, and ignores her. In “The Five-Forty-Eight” by John Cheever the story engages me by the suspenseful exposition, the anticipation of the climax, and the clever resolution. The suspenseful exposition engages me to read more to see the outcome of the story. “Then he wondered if she was following him” (Cheever 2). Starting from the very beginning the exposition is suspenseful of the terrified, and confused man wondering if the woman is following him or not. As reading that quote I want more insight on what would make this woman want to follow him. Does she want to harm him? Is she just wanting to talk to him? Who is she? “She might be meaning to do harm-she might be meaning to kill him” (Cheever 2). From thinking the woman is following him to wondering if she is meaning to do him harm escalated the suspense in the exposition. Asking myself many questions as to why Mr. Blake would think that she wants to harm him, and why would she want to harm him? “He could run-although he was afraid that if he did run, it might precipitate the violence he now felt sure she had planned” (Cheever 4). This quote told me that he was sure that she was trying to harm him. Deciding if Mr. Blake should run told me he figured out Miss Dent was dangerous and that he needed a plan of escape. Asking myself as to what
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