Analysis Of The Freedom Writers

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The greatest stories that people have heard about throughout their lives are about characters who have worked hard to overcome obstacles, proving the rest of the world wrong by doing so. These underdog stories are highly effective when it comes to their ability to captivate and inspire many different audiences. One specific example of this is in the movie The Freedom Writers. This movie, directed by Richard LaGravenese, is a real life example of people overcoming the circumstances they are surrounded with and making something out of themselves. This story opens up in 1994 California when a first year educator takes on a job that involves teaching the unteachable (Freedom Writers). This movie goes above and beyond because it shows not only the students struggle to achieve better grades, but the struggle of their teacher to give her students another opportunity for their lives. The Freedom Writers is an important story that inspires many people due to the underlying theme that sometimes the outsiders and the underdogs can overcome their obstacles and achieve their ultimate goal. In order to develop an understanding for the movie, it is important to understand what was happening within the community of Long Beach, California. This storyline takes place shortly after the California Race Riots. These riots caused a great divide among the many different ethnicities of people during this time. Due to these previous events, the world that these high school students had grown up in
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