Analysis Of The Garrison Ncoic For The Camp Bucca

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From January 2005 through December 2005, SFC Paulo Sousa served as the Garrison NCOIC for the Camp Bucca, Iraq. This story speaks about the efforts to develop, establish, and execute the beginning of a logistical support operation to include MWR events at a newly established Forward Operation Base (FOB). The 1st Battalion, 102nd Field Artillery (RAOC) was responsible for the Garrison Command at one of the world’s largest detention facility. The mission spanned base support operations, installation equipment requirements, and life support operations. This story describes his efforts to establish, maintain, and project future support requirements on a base camp located in the southern part of Iraq. The key to operating a…show more content…
The Garrison Command was comprised of 4 officers and 2 enlisted Soldiers to run a supply section, a billeting section, a public works department with KBR, construction oversight, movement control, DFAC operations, an emergency services, and human resource. Within these areas were responsibilities such as supervision of the camp dining facility, operating a badging section, and running a movement control cell for all operations leaving our AO. In addition to this it quickly became clear that his role as a Garrison NCOIC for the masses was more realistically a landlord for over one thousand tenants. The NCOIC position was unique in Camp Bucca. There were over four Lieutenant Colonels, 3 Command Sergeant Majors, and 5 First Sergeant that all lived and worked on less than sixteen acres. SFC Sousa’s daily operational tempo was consumed with challenges ranging from advising on logistic support requirements for life support on the base to finding out who he should talk to about establishing a Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) for this new installation. In addition to this, he became the subject matter expert for Morale and Welfare Recreation (MWR) matters. One of the first major challenges was the establishment of a DoDAAC. Prior to his arrival at Camp Bucca, the Supply Support Activity (SSA) was dealing with units and all units have their own DoDAAC. This is the method normally used to request supplies, request and track

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