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In a YouTube series called GIANTS, one of the main characters named Ade is a single male who attempts to go on a date with a young woman named Mallory. Ade is also a professional dancer. One of Ade’s friends invited him to a party so he decided to take Mallory there, who is also a dancer at his studio, and it turned out to be a gay party, which Ade didn’t know prior to bringing her along. He insisted to her that he didn’t know it’d be a gay party, but Mallory was spooked and she told Ade they’d be better off as friends after alluding to the fact that some of her friends thought he was “gay” anyway, but instead of saying the word itself she just left a pause in her sentence. Additionally, Ade has a female friend named Casey who is also a…show more content…
In opposition to living in a very sexualized society when it comes to products, advertisements and many of the things around us, when it comes to the question of homosexuality, it seems that the idea that’s socially constructed is that people shouldn’t outright ask you if you’re gay or not and that you should come out when you are ready. According to our course PowerPoint, Professor Franklin stated that Foucault’s discursive framework states: “the way people talk about sexuality constructs how society understands it”. Additionally, we discussed social constructionism in class and it was stated “sexuality is a product of socialization, not an innate characteristic” in which “sexuality is legitimized and given meaning by society”. Furthermore, in The Social Construction of Sexuality, Seidman proposes that “Foucault’s perspective helps to explain why many Europeans and Americans are preoccupied with their own sexuality and that of their friends, neighbors and public figures” as sex and sexuality are “basic to self identity” (33). With that being said, it is evident that society plays a role in who we are and how we chose to identify ourselves. In the YouTube series GIANTS, I understand why females were beating around the bush when trying to indirectly ask, but not
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