Analysis Of ' The Glass Menagerie '

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Amanda, Laura and Tom Wingfield use different methods of escaping their reality. Throughout the play there are different symbols which represent escape. Each on of them has different ways but for all them the reason is they are unhappy with their life’s circumstances. There are many ways in which to escape reality today. Movies, dancing, video games and books to name a few. Many people use this in order to escape from everyday problems. In “The Glass Menagerie” the Wingfield family uses fantasy to escape from their unsatisfied lives. Abandoned by her husband, Amanda cannot remove herself from her youth when she was visited by many gentleman callers. All of her callers were well off and respectable. She talks of a few of them and how successful they became. Speaking of one of them, Amanda tells her children, “And I could have been Mrs. Duncan J. Fitzhugh, mind you! But – I picked your father!” (927). Amanda lives in the past because she is an unhappy single mother. She has this fantasy that if she had chosen any of the other gentleman callers instead of her husband, she would be living a better life. In order to escape her reality she is constantly telling her kids of her past experiences with the gentleman callers. Another way Amanda escapes her reality is through her fantasy for her daughter Laura. After Laura fails to go to business school, Amanda wants Laura to marry a responsible hardworking man because she believes that is the only way Laura can be happy in life.

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