Analysis Of ' The Glass Menagerie '

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Kerry G. Stalter
Professor Ruth Reis-Palatiere
ENC 1102
December 1, 2015
Contrasts in The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie lures the audience into taking a voyeuristic glimpse into the private lives of the Wingfield family, which consist of Amanda, the domineering mother of two adult children, Tom and Laura, and who welcomes Jim, a “gentleman caller” hosting him to a gay evening in the grandest Antebellum tradition. The contrasts in William’s play are manifested through the character traits of Tom and Jim (the dreamer and the doer), Amanda, dwelling in the past, while colliding with the present, the mother and children, seeking escape into fantasy, denying reality, failing to come to terms with, or acknowledge that psychological and physical handicaps play a great role in their reclusive and eccentric needs and desires, so much so that all are reduced to seek emancipation from their responsibilities. Their unconventional behaviors and attitudes, will no doubt leave a lasting impression on the audience, as they themselves begin to empathize with the characters through their own life experiences.
Tom and Jim Tom lives vicariously through the literary works of the day, the popular films reminiscent of the heroic and romantic artistic themes of centuries past, and through the discipline of his own prose, while Jim’s existence is goal oriented, and characterized by the sweat and toil he endures by day, and his tireless effort in realizing his educational goals at night.…
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