Analysis Of The Globe And Mail Written By Antonia Maioni

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It should come as no surprise that Quebec’s history is distinct and as a result, has transformed the province into a distinct region within Canada. Canada’s fête without Quebec, an article in The Globe and Mail written by Antonia Maioni, illustrates the division between Quebec and the rest of Canada – especially on Canada Day. Maioni discusses the importance of July 1st for Quebeckers as the fête de déménagement, when rental leases often change hands in the province, and not the celebration of Canada. She notes that for francophone Quebeckers, Canada Day is nothing short of the ordinary since their lives do not revolve around being patriotic flag wavers (Maioni). This deep-seated resentment remains over Confederation and what is seen as a less then perfect deal stuck in order to unite what Canadians know today to be Canada. With 2014 being historically significant in marking the 150th anniversary of both the Charlottetown and Quebec conferences, the gathering in Quebec has been largely omitted. Maioni argues that it is the Quebec conference that should merit some reflection since that is where the constitutional framework was established. Unlike in Charlottetown, which become a commemorative cottage industry as a result of central Canadians intervening on what was once supposed to be a Maritime union (Maioni). This paper will discuss how Quebec’s relationship to Canada is framed in the media and how it affects regional experience as a result. Much like Canada, Quebec often

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