Analysis Of The Grand Isles Edna 's Love For Robert Only Increases

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Part II Reading Journal, ch 14-26
Plot Summary- As the mass ends in the Grand Isles Edna 's love for Robert only increases. She stays with him that night, but soon receives the very terrible and nonchalant news of Robert 's travel to Mexico. He leaves her with a promise to write but nothing much more. Edna is crushed. As her and her family go back home for the fall she is in a constant depressed and sorrowful state. Roberts lack of writing and admiration in Edna 's eyes leave her to only want more independence. She no longer takes visitors on Tuesday nor does her usual household duties, like her friend Adele. She visits Mrs. Lebrun, who has aon with Victor received letter from Robert. Mrs. Lebrun also informs Edna where Madame Reisz is now
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A small, homely woman, Mademoiselle is distant and reserved in her interaction with the other guests on Grand Isle. Although she is often called upon to entertain people at gatherings with her expert piano playing, she realizes that Edna is the only one of the guests who is truly touched and moved by the music. Mademoiselle Reisz seeks out Edna shortly after Robert’s departure to Mexico, and her exchange with Edna by the shore fosters a relationship that continues upon their return home to New Orleans. Edna is inexplicably drawn to the older woman, whose lifestyle she envies, despite finding her disagreeable and difficult. In fact, neither Edna nor Mademoiselle Reisz can claim to be particularly fond of the other, but Mademoiselle Reisz understands Edna’s passions and enjoys the company and the opportunity to share her thoughts on art and love. Through her relationship with the pianist, Edna increases her awareness of herself as a woman capable of passionate art and passionate love. While the two capacities are interconnected, Mademoiselle Reisz serves to further each specifically. Not only is the pianist in touch with her own artistic emotions, she is, on a more pragmatic level, in touch with the traveling Robert and is the only one to whom he speaks of his love for Edna. Mademoiselle Reisz is the woman that Edna could have become, had she

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