Analysis Of The Grape Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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The Grape of Wrath is a novel that portrays the life of thousand Dust Bowl farmers using the Joad family. The Joad’s are a family who move from Oklahoma to California for new farming techniques and to live a better life. It uses the characters as moral lessons and to portray themes such as man’s inhumanity to man, dignity of wrath, and saving power of family and fellowship. Steinbeck uses multiple styles and narration to capture the movement of migrant farmers in the 1930s and the life of the Joads. He displays rich, naturalistic narration during the chapters he talks about the Joad family. Naturalism is writing favoring realistic representations of human life and natural, as opposed to supernatural or spiritual. Steinbeck uses a…show more content…
As the author, Steinbeck does not portray the difficulties of the men who evicted the farmers, or the neighbors who plow down their farms. He sympathizes with the farmers, it is with these families that we as a reader come to identify. Steinbeck uses the Joad’s and their friends a model of moral virtue. Jim Casy, an ex-preacher who reunited with Tom on his walk to his old home, was Steinbeck’s moral representative throughout The Grapes of Wrath. Jim vocalizes the most important themes such as the sanctity of the people and the unity of all mankind. He shows and portrays these morals by being there for the Joad’s. Jim listens to Tom’s problems on the way to Tom’s old house, goes to California with the Joad family to help them, goes to jail in place of Tom, and then dies for the worker’s movement. Those times Jim portrayed the moral of unity of all mankind in The Grapes of Wrath. Jim Casy said, “I got thinkin’ how we was holy when we was one thing, an’ mankin’ was holy when it was one thing. An’ it on’y got unholy when one mis’able little fella got the bit in his teeth an’ run off his own way, kickin’ an’ draggin’ an’ fightin’. Fella like that bust the holi-ness. But when they’re all workin’ together, not one fella for another fella, but
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