Analysis Of ' The Great Gatsby ' And The Age Of Innocence

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Erica Pauls-Ugwuibe
Mrs. Wall
English II PAP
17 March 2015
The Past Creates the Present
“Study the past to define the future.”- Confucius
Do events of the past affect an individual’s life? How important are memories of the past for people of the future? Does the past, even relate to the future at all? To figure out the answers to these questions, one has to understand the impact that past events can do to one’s future. Events in the past are essential to an individual 's development and can change their perspective of life. As a matter of fact, you can see these questions being answered in Classical Literature, Modern Literature, Current Events and even Visual Rhetoric.
Particularly, in the Classic Literature pieces, “The Great Gatsby” and “The Age of Innocence”. In the Classic Literature, “The Great Gatsby” by Scott Fitzgerald, the main character, Jay Gatsby is severely stuck in the past; everything he does in his life is directly related to the past. In the novel, Gatsby’s companion, Nick tells Gatsby,“I wouldn’t ask too much of her, you can’t repeat the past”, and Gatsby replied “Why of course you can”(Fitzgerald, 110). Nick was referring to Gatsby’s longtime ex-lover Daisy, whom Gatsby had dedicated his entire life recapturing a golden past with. In addition to changing his priorities in life, Gatsby bought an expensive mansion and threw lavish parties attended by a great number of people, hoping one day Daisy would attend. He was so stuck on the memories they…
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