Analysis Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Superheroes have been scrutinized for several for methods dealing with criminals and how they react in their everyday lives. Inner personal problems of a hero have a way to change the meaning of their status and affect the effectiveness of a hero’s influence and philosophical meaning. This is usually forced into comic books and movies to give a character an air of grit in their media. Sometimes this creates a beautiful masterpiece of story and introduces depth to the character, but it can also have a detrimental to the image of the character. Taking a darker tone with a superhero type character is ultimately a bad idea in the long run because it’s is hard to create a mature story with most characters without deviating from what the fans believe in the character and how they are seen by others causing problems for the parent company, giving characters a darker tone can destroy a classic character’s easily recognizable characteristics also, the move can sink a company whose reputation was ruined by the decision. Having a fantastical ability is always a hindrance when writing a serious or dark story because there is the need to ground the story in realism and believability. Darker superhero stories can’t handle superpowers well within the story telling and writing. Most darker stories who have a character with extremely unusual superpowers tend to have either a convoluted plots or just destroys the meaning of the character to the point where people hate the new representation.
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