Analysis Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Literature has always played an important role in history. Throughout the years, authors have matured in their writing style, and discovered new ways to present their story to the audience. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a classic novel which has grown with America since the 1920’s. The book is a source of entertainment, while also educating many high school students across the country. Although The Great Gatsby originally received negative reviews, the book continued to prosper throughout time and become a great american novel through its symbolism and relevant story line. In April of 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald released his newest piece of work, The Great Gatsby. The book is a historical fiction that takes place in the 1920’s, during the ‘jazz age’. Narrator, Nick Carraway, talks about his life and adventure of living next to the infamous Jay Gatsby. The book which many consider his masterwork was actually not popular until after he died. In fact, according to The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review, “only Fitzgerald’s first novel sold well enough to support his lavish lifestyle.” (Daniel, 16). However, F. Scott Fitzgerald did an excellent job writing short stories for different newspapers and magazines. Still, F. Scott Fitzgerald had a passion for writing novels. He continued to try after The Great Gatsby to write a popular story for his audience, but always ended up distracted due to financial troubles and his problem with heavy drinking. He died at age forty-four of
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