Analysis Of ' The Green Eyed Monster '

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Danella Lepore
Dr. McGrady
English 1202
8 April 2015
The Green-Eyed Monster Shakespeare’s Othello has many different reoccurring themes, particularly love, death and infidelity. One of the most obvious themes that drive a lot of the play is jealousy, stemming from the mischievous ways of Iago. His actions create a chain reaction of speculation, lying and most of all jealousy. Iago who plays a manipulative and dishonest character seems to bring out the worst traits of many of the characters within the play especially Othello. These reoccurring issues of manipulation and hatred begin early on in the play. It has been discovered that Othello and Desdemona have married, for everyone around these two, including friends and family this is a problem. This is especially an issue for Iago and Roderigo. Each of them seem to have there own reasons why these two should not be together, one for love of Desdemona and the other for hatred of Othello. They set up to break the newly weds apart by setting the stage with an accusation that Desdemona has cheated on Othello with Cassio, Othello’s lieutenant. After these accusations are made the lives of all the characters seem to spiral out of control, the relationship that takes the biggest toll in the end seems to be Othello and Desdemona. It is clear to see that this “green-eyed monster” in Shakespeare’s words, has the power to control the psyche of the human, resulting in unthinkable acts from many of the characters involved. Jealousy…
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