Analysis Of The Gurdon Light

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As far back as my memory allows me to recall I’ve always lived in the simply small town of Gurdon, Arkansas. Lacking in many of things including a grocery store, it is not necessarily difficult to assume the town is dull just by the looks of the uninhabited streets running through the heart of the city. Luckily with my seventeen years of being a local, I am able to understand that these false accusations just scrape the surface of the deeper aspects that actually make the town that I’m proud to call home so rare. Searching all the things that define Gurdon as home to everyone that has lived here, the Gurdon Light outweighed the others with my own experiences.
The crisp air was chilly as the warm colored leaves tumbled to the crunchy
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In every direction I turn my head my eyes are greeted by the mass collection of hospitable pine trees, a cooling breeze making their deep emerald needles sway along, producing the warm aroma I could recognize from anywhere. As I’m sitting between the large worn rusty rails that run parallel to each other for miles I can feel the ballast against the bottom of my legs preparing to leave an temporary indention on my skin to reveal how I’ve sat, the sun is stooping below the treeline after bidding it’s final goodbyes until morning breaks. I am where I belong, where I’ve always known. I am home. This is not where I store my household objects such as my twin sized bed, my neon green and white toothbrush, or the wide variety of sentimental objects hanging from the crimson red walls of my bedroom, but it is home to so many memories from every point in my life. Here I sit at on the railroad tracks that produce the Gurdon Light, not scared, just reminiscing on all the memories I have gathered from this one simple piece of my hometown. I did not come here to thrive off the buzz it furnishes children with at night who fear contact with the light, or to bring a love interest with hopes of getting lucky enough to score a kiss, or with numerous cameras attempting to visually record the mysterious object this town thrives off of. I am here to plainly pay my respects to this site that has been so crucial to

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