Analysis Of The Hand Tool And Cutlery Manufacturing Industry Essay

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On first glance of the Hand tool and cutlery manufacturing industry one might think narrow minded and say this industry is for construction and construction only. At least that is what came to my mind upon randomly selecting the industry from a basket in my advanced marketing management class. However, upon researching into this industry one will realize how vast this industry is and for this report we will focus on this industry in the United States. For instance, in everyday life we use or at least own things that make up a part of this industry such as vacuums, lawnmowers, kitchen knives, and even jewelry to name a few. Yes, it also includes power tools and yes construction company’s do play a big role as buyers in this industry but they are not the leading players and consumers. So who are the major players that purchase from this industry? Well big time company’s such as Home Depot, Walmart, and Sears play a vital role in the success of the hand tool and cutlery manufacturing industry and losing one of these top dogs would certainly impact the companies that make up the industry which leads me to my next discussion in the introduction. Who makes up the industry? Who are the key suppliers? When looking into the industry’s major players in the US I turned to Ibis and they stated “The Procter and Gamble Company, Stanley Black and Decker Inc., Edgewell Personal Care Co, and Snap-on Inc.” These are the power houses in the industry. The remainder of this report will
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