Analysis Of ' The Hands Of An Angry God '

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Changing Roles In society, many people have a diversity of opinions about the role of an individual. In the past, many argued that being dedicated to religion is the role of an individual. As time progresses, people started to claim that benefiting society is the individual’s role in society. In Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, author Johnathan Edwards explains that God hates people and will punish them unless they decide to follow God. Like Edwards’s sermon, in What Think Ye of Christ?, George Whitefield talks about how people are born as sinners and how they must atone their sins by prioritizing Jesus over their selfish desires. In “Child Abuse,” Author Richard Volpe talks about how child abuse can ruin a child’s development in order to show that people need to prevent child abuse. In “Unconscious Stereotypes and Black Males,” author Ware Leland talks about how children are defining people by racial appearances rather than their actions in order to show that people must stop racial prejudice. Talking about how people must follow god and prioritizing Jesus over an individual’s desires, both Edwards and Whitefield believe that a colonial individual must be dedicated to religion. Explaining about how people must act against child abuse and racial prejudice, both Volpe and Leland claim that a contemporary individual must be contributing to society. From colonial to contemporary time, the role of the individual in America has changed because colonial Americans believed…
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