Analysis Of ' The Harper ' Article '

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DFW’s thesis in the Harper’s article is about how he glorifies Bryan A. Garner’s dictionary because it challenges the difference between Democracy and Authority. It helps people understand why language is important, why we shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition and why/how different dialects can be helpful to know throughout a person’s life. Throughout the article DFW uses harshness, wittiness, empathy, sympathy and some bold words to affectively get his points a crossed to the reader. In Harpers article DFW speaks about how important it is to speak multiple dialects. SWE and SBE are two of the most common dialects. SWE is the abbreviations for Standard Written English, and SBW stands for Standard Black English. Most successful people use standard written English such as politicians, lawyers, and news reporters. In schools teachers drill it into the student’s head that SWE is the correct dialect and that any pother that they use is wrong. In this article DFW stresses the importance of being able to use different dialects in different situations. He then begins describing the scene of someone who is just getting their paper handed back to them, but when they look at it the teacher has corrected their paper so that it is in proper SWE format. He then goes on to say that “[i]n my English class- you will have to master and write in Standard Written English, which we might just as well call ‘Standard White English,” because it was developed by white people and is used
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