Analysis Of The Harrison Brothers Inc. Human Resource Department

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Brenda McCain and her staff lead Harrison Brothers Corporations’ human resource department. The company needs greater talent in order to maintain existing sales goals and create new sales opportunities per specialized name brands. The HR department is unorganized and not very reactive to the growing needs of the organization. Brenda is not an interactional leader and limits her role strictly to overseeing the HR department. As the HR team is more internally focused, Harrison Brothers’ management team finds fault with McCain’s vision in this regard. Optimizing employee performance is critical to Harrison’s growth, however; alternate management teams notice how HR does not consider this as a high priority. Brenda and her staff could redirect their vision to enhance employee enrichment by undergoing a structured shadowing method. Experiencing on-the-job training via a larger, people-focused retailer will aid McCain’s HR team in revamping Harrison’s daily processes; further emphasizing care for its employees and not solely desired metrics. The case regarding the Harrison Brothers Corporation reveals that, while human resource departments are often sought to develop organization talent, human resources in itself often needs developing as well. In comparison to other retail stores’ competitive positions, Harrison Brothers served as a reliable source for clothing at fair value. Upon noticing the demand for specialized name brands, Harrison Brothers’ strategy is to incorporate
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