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A Short Analysis and Discussion for the piece: The Hollow Men In various occasions, the human race tends to make several mistakes throughout the span of their lives. In the poem, The Hollow Men, written by Thomas Stearns Eliot, is not exactly the most uplifting of poetic literature. Although, the poem does have some underlying value to its notion; it emphasizes moral values, responsibility, and a depiction of the aftermath of World War I. T.S. Eliot depicts the poem’s message into five sections; the first, speaks of a group of individual human beings who are characterized as “We are the hollow men, We are the stuffed men … Headpiece filled with straw” and basically confusing the reader. Eliot is trying to represent a group of…show more content…
Once more, the emphasis on detail for the individuals is necessary for Eliot to elaborate for the reader and allow it to create hollowness and sense of emptiness. Lastly, the final section of the poem is the huge downer of the entire poem. It starts with a nursery rhyme “Here we go ‘round the prickly pear” which analyzes the surroundings once again and finally explains the reason for the immobility and lifeless presence of the individuals. The poem states, “Between the motion, And the act, Falls the Shadow” emphasis on the Shadow, which has now taken control of their actions, they cannot even exist. Eliot actually slowly starts write human expressions but then it quickly dies away with him depicting how the fate of the human race will fall “Not with a bang but a whimper”. As a conclusion, this poem has quite a few ties in with several of Eliot’s works and other writers. Vincent Persichetti, a composer of the Modern Era in music, actually composed a work “The Hollow Men for Trumpet and String Orchestra” in 1944, nearly 20 years later since The Hollow Men was actually written. The piece highly resembles the written work because of how hollow and dissonant the piece is. Persichetti’s talents could be seen in this piece and is most notably one of his finest works. The piece premiered in 1946 for the first and T. S. Eliot later received the

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