Analysis Of The Horizon Omnia Insurance Plan

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As the president and CEO of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company, I believe that it is in the best interest of our clients to implement the Horizon Omnia Insurance Plan. For years, medical care providers have been charging outrageous rates for health care at the expense of their patients and that stops today. I believe that our company is on the verge of not only making health insurance more affordable but also making more sense to our policy members. The 2-tierk hospital networking system that we are implementing will provide equal, if not better options and services for our members across the state of New Jersey without the agony of high costs and deductibles. Health care has been the latest conversation piece during the past few presidential elections and while President Obama has made quite a few changes in the health insurance industry, there are still a lot more to be desired for our fellow men, women and children.
Everyone wants to pay less for their health insurance without being subject to poor medical care and with the Horizon Omnia Health Alliance Plan that is not just a thought, but reality. Customer input, as well as countless hours of research and negotiating have gone into creating this plan with the high potential of great benefits that can and will be consumed by patients, physicians and hospitals that participate in our health coverage network. The Omnia Alliance consists of a carefully selected partnership with 22 hospitals across…

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