Analysis Of The Horse And His Boy

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In the story “The Horse and His Boy” by C.S. Lewis, there is a clear theme that is shown many times throughout the story through examples and author’s craft in this fantasy world. The story follows pre-teen boy Shasta who, in a desperate attempt to escape his father selling him to a cruel slave owner, teams up with a talking horse to journey to the free-land of Narnia, but they have to travel through the Harsh land of Calormen, and they team up with other escapees along the way. The theme is laid out as sometimes having to work with different, challenging people is required to reaching a goal.

Even from the first moments of the story, the theme is clearly shown. by teaming up with people who offer a challenge, but in this case it is not a person. In this scene, Shasta, wondering about how his life will be, gets some info from the Horse that the he can travel with him. “‘On me you can outdistance any other horse in the country. That is where I can help you. By the way, I suppose you know how to ride?’ ‘Oh yes, of course,’ Shasta said. “At least, I’ve ridden the donkey...’ ‘In other words,’ it continued, ‘you can’t ride. That’s a drawback. I’ll have to teach as you go along’’ (Lewis 11-12). This is significant because Shasta is learning something entirely new, and going through the struggles, because it made him “‘So sore. All over’” (Lewis 19). This shows how it hurt, but Shasta knew it was
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