Analysis Of The Horse In Motion

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The first movie ever made was The Horse in Motion which was created by Eadweard Muybridge in 1878. I hope to see people talk about the events that happen in the movie, and how they end up affecting the events of the story. In my speech I will analyze multiple movies, the elements in them, and how the actions of the characters in them affect the story. I choose to do it this way, so people can have some examples, and know things to look for. There are two movies I will mainly focus on they are Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Pulp Fiction. I will also talk about other movies, but they are not my main focus. I will do this do hopeful convince you that there is more to a movie then what you can see. I shall begin every analyzation of the movies will a short summary of them. Now with further ado I shall give a short short summary of Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of fleet street. There are three characters i’m going to focus on in Sweeney Todd, and they are Sweeney Todd, Lucy, and Johanna. Sweeney Todd AKA Benjamin Barker is a barber on Fleet street in London. Lucy is Todd’s wife that’s her main point for now. Johanna is their daughter. Early in the story Benjamin gets sent away by the judge who wants Lucy for himself. Lucy is then alone, and is sent to a masquerade by the judge’s assistant. Where something bad happens to her. She then later poisons herself. Johanna was taken away by the judge and he adopted her. Fifteen years past and Benjamin Barker comes back as Sweeney Todd. He also bring alongs Anthony who helped him on his travels. He goes back to where is barber shop was, and meets Ms.Lovett. She tells him that Lucy poisoned herself. Todds like i’m gonna kill that judge, Which he ends up doing. Also Ms.Lovett makes the meat pies out of humans. Now that you know the parts of the story that you need to know i can begin the analysis. There is a crazed lady outside where Johanna is kept. Anthony talks to her and he asked who is that lady in the window, and she knew that that was Johanna. She is then seen outside of Ms. Lovett's meat pie shop, and says she see that sign of the devil outside of it. Ms.Lovett kicks her out multiple times because she is on to her. Todd later kills her, but
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