Analysis Of The House On Mango Street

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In The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros tells the story of Esperanza, a young immigrant girl maturing sexually and emotionally into a young adult. Sandra Cisneros shows throughout the story that a child’s surroundings and role models set the stage for who they will become. Throughout The House on Mango Street Esperanza’s is molded by her family and her neighborhood into an adult that will always have a piece of Mango Street inside of her.
Family members tend to be role models throughout a large majority of a person’s life, as a result of this younger family members, such as Esperanza can be influenced very easily. In the section called “Chanclas” Esperanza’s mother gets drunk and sick during a party, “Mama is sick… Uncle Nacho says to many this and tilts his thumb to his lips.” (47). 5. Yes. Although, it doesn’t directly state that Esperanza’s mother is drunk, it can be inferred based of off Uncle Nacho’s actions that she is drunk. Esperanza’s mother is being a terrible role model to her daughter and even her mother regrets a lot of what she has done in her life. In the section “A Smart Cookie” Esperanza’s mother talks about how she threw her life away just because she was shameful that she didn’t have nice clothes for school and tells Esperanza “Esperanza, you go to school. Study hard.” (97). Esperanza’s mother understands that staying in school and working will be hard for her but, she doesn’t want Esperanza to live the same life as her always feeling like she
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