Analysis Of The Immigration Experience Of Calvin

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SOC375 Final Essay Name: Daniel Ka Lun Lam Student number: 998455657 Course code: SOC375H5S Due date: 10-08-2015 Introduction The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the immigration experience of “Calvin” who came to Canada from Hong Kong in 1997 in order to avoid the negative repressions of the transition from British to Chinese rule. Sociologists that have been read for this class claim or found that about international migration is a combination of micro and macro as well as push and pull factors. For this paper, the neoclassical model, as discussed by Massey et al, will be discussed as it focuses more on the individual cost-benefit analysis that compelled Calvin 's family to come to Canada than…show more content…
It is for this reason that the macro element of the neoclassical model is less useful but nevertheless warrants mention. It involves finding equilibrium among different markets but Calvin 's situation has more to do with the particular situation in Hong Kong and the family 's perceived advantages of traveling to Canada. For instance, at the micro level, notes from Session 2 indicate that “migration is caused by “rational cost/benefit analysis of individual actors” and “expected destination earnings (observed earnins x probability of employment) → maximizing returns to human capital”. While it was not only employment option alone that motivated the decision; indeed, for Calvin the calculus significantly involved education, but overall the decision had to do with perceived income. There was less concern with loss of freedom, from what Calvin said in the interview, then there was with reduced economic opportunities. It would be prudent at this point to investigate the broader social context of migration from Hong Kong that influenced his migration/integration experience. According to Chu (2013), “In 1995, Fortune wrote a cover story for its international edition entitled “The Death of Hong Kong,” claiming that 'the naked truth about Hong Kong 's future can be summed up in two words: Its over. '”

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