Analysis Of The Impressionist Movement Share A Universal Popularity

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Saige Ashley
Mr. Ted McManus
Senior Project
27 October, 2014

La Puissance de la Couleur

Artists of the Impressionist movement share a universal popularity of which other artistic groups know not of. This form of art expressed natural and simple beauty that captured life while it happened. The unique style brought out what’s worth appreciating; things we’re surrounded by every day, things that sometimes escape our gaze and go unnoticed. If one were considering to duplicate what they saw at any given time, they would have to also consider the broad range of colors the day produces. No matter the time of day or year, every moment proves unique if one were to take the time to notice the light, and what it does to the scenery. Impressionism is the result of a certain method of producing art, more specifically a method of displaying the art of reality. This effect is achieved by doing the scene justice in how it looks at the moment. The artists practiced a system of painting in the open air which was meant to capture the essence and freshness of a scene. Similarly as if one were showing a picture to someone to describe a setting, but expressing what one saw by trying to accurately convey what the artist is witnessing through art. Whatever the atmosphere is doing in that moment ought to be duplicated in such a way so that whoever views the painting will understand what it feels like to be witnessing the scene themselves. However, with the lighting ever…
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