Analysis Of The Internal Working For The Company Church & Dwight

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This essay will serve as an analysis of the internal working for the company Church & Dwight. The author of this essay will include various journals, websites, and textbook citations to support the overall essay. In this essay the reader will see the analysis of the structure, culture, management, marketing, R&D, information systems, and competitive advantages of Church & Dwight. Third Personal Assignment
Church & Dwight is a company that has been around for decades, but what does the internal mechanics of the company look like? This discourse will attempt to address the analysis of the structure, culture, management, marketing, R&D, competitive advantage, and information system of the internal working of the company Church & Dwight.
Church & Dwight have a divisional structure composed of ARM & HAMMER and the specialty and consumer products that the company owns. Strategic Management textbook says the definition of “divisional structure is appropriate for a large corporation with many product lines in several related industries” (Wheelen, Hoffman, Hunger, and Bamford, 2015, pg. 137). Church & Dwight have ten different brands all within the same specialty and consumer product industry. The author believes that this is a very good fit for the company because Church & Dwight have many brands that they own. Church & Dwight have also made it known that they hire employees who have experience in the specialty products and consumer products industry. Another…
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