Analysis Of The Interview Process And My Partner Paul

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Cultures are different all across the world, and it’s important to be able to learn about and understand other cultures to help us shape our anthropological insights. With the help of the CBL project and my partner Paul, I was able to interview Victor. The interview process started off awkwardly as there was a setup error and we didn’t quite know where to start. Victor is a man originally from El Salvador that was now residing in St. Peter Minnesota. The interviews took place at the St. Peter community center, where we were around other immigrants who had come to America. Some were of somalin descent, while others were from Central America. We sat down and talked for around 45 minutes two times, and the last time we met for dinner with…show more content…
We first established where Victor was from and he told us he was from San Sable, El Salvador. I then asked him some interesting features of his hometown. He told us that there are many places to eat and to walk around. He also said that his hometown is 20 minutes from the beach. He also said that they have the typical stores that we have here in America. Fun was commandingly spent at the beach, and fun seemed to revolve around going to the beach. This is slightly different than where I’m from, where we don’t have a beach. We instead do things outdoors like fishing, sports, and bonfires. Our next question was about differences in America compared to El Salvador. The main difference seemed to be around food. Victor said that they usually eat there same cultural foods, which consisted of open tortillas stuffed with meats and beans, and fried plantae. Dinner time in El Salvador is typically around 7pm. Meals are also supper dominant. Breakfasts and lunch are usually smaller, while supper are usually larger. Victor also shared with us that he lived in New York when he first came to the United States. He made three trips there. When compared to St. Peter, Victor told us that he liked the quietness more of St. Peter, than the busyness of New York. I was surprised, because I feel like New York is a commonly portrayed American city, while St. Peter isn’t. Another big difference we discussed was
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