Analysis Of The Interview ' Who Are You From, And How You Describe Yourself?

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To start the interview I asked, “Who are you, where are you from, and how would you describe yourself?” as my first three questions to break the ice and set the tone (I already know the answers, but asked for the purpose of the interview). She said her name is Rosalba, but everyone calls her "Rosie" (She didn’t want her last name on the paper). Rosie is Hispanic, and was born and raised in California but grew up with Mexico’s traditions and some beliefs even though she has some personal beliefs surrounding them. Once in a while, she comes up to Canada do visit her father’s parents and brother. She follows her grandparents’ and parents traditions’, and does not do it to please them, but because it defines who she is. She got a little nervous and started to fidget on cam when she was thinking of mentioning this next part because she knows I am atheist, and have a lot of bad experiences with Catholic followers. Rosie explained that she is Catholic, but everyone assumes she is Christian.
I asked next, “What does culture mean to you?”, and Rosie did not hesitate to answer: “Culture means to me the tradition; beliefs each generation passes on to another”. A concept that we covered in class was mentioned when I asked the second question (Do you think it is important to know one’s culture?). It was mentioned where she learned about other cultures to better understand the uniqueness of hers and others’, and that it is never too late to learn about your own culture. Rosie…
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