Analysis Of The Investigation And Choreography With The Body

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Choreography with the body as site of the investigation and choreography without the body are, for me, interlinked. Even as the choreographer leads the creative process they can be affected by the uniqueness of the dancers they are working with in the same way that choreographer Rosemary Butcher is often affected whilst creating works. (Butcher, 1965) Through giving the dancers tasks where they have freedom to respond by creating movements their own way, by giving words or phrases to respond to and make a movement phrase with, then deciding as choreographer, on what will be kept and maybe manipulated into something else to be a part of the final piece. (Clifford and S M Oetgens Van Waveren, 2013) This is a process that includes internal…show more content…
Each movement, each phrase has a connection to the soul and is born from a personal internal source of motivation, feelings and experiences. In the same instant I work on the flip side of the statement and choreographic investigation can also be without the body. Shapes can be made one after the other until there are a series of shapes one linking to another to create and develop movement material that is technically correct and aligned. However, these shapes that have been made must have come from somewhere, some association or feeling from inside or a connection to the task set. Each choreographers approach will be shaped from their own personal experiences, however this needs to be amalgamated with the dancers own personal experiences. This amalgamation will then be expressed through the movements. A choreographers personal experience with their choice of movement vocabulary and style helps to deepen their understanding of the choreographic processes manifested in the body and can help to integrate abstract movement processes be it internal or external – effect or action, arranging them to become an essential part of making movements. Experience helps a choreographer see and respond on many levels, giving the opportunity for wider and deeper exploration. (Anon, 2015) Working in both the choreographers and the dancers language to understand from the inside. Pina Bausch is famously known for stating that “words alone can only hint at the depth and
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