Analysis Of ' The King Of Kong '

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In his 1988 hit, “Everybody Knows,” Leon Cohen sung “everybody knows the fight was fixed. The poor stay poor, the rich get rich..that 's how it goes. Everybody knows.” I wonder if Cohen knew just how true his lyrics were and how relevant they still are today. I believe that many people are aware of the idea of privilege, fixed systems and corrupt governments and that it exists and thrives, even today. But there are few who dare to challenge it. People are afraid to be frank and public about the malicious and manipulated inner workings of our society. Why is it that we wave our flag proudly and sing the national anthem, when our actions are horrible acts of hypocrisy towards those who are economically, politically and socially setup to…show more content…
Being that Mitchell had more clout and a higher status in the gaming world than Wiebe, his scores were not deemed invalid as Wiebe’s was. This sure example of bias and partiality, is a testimony to the fact that often times someone who is dismissed, discarded or rejected by society, despite his/her competence and ability to perform, will receive ‘the short end of the stick’ and is expected not to object their disadvantage. Even in the gaming industry there is evidence of cultural transmissions of social inequality. The issue of inequality can exist significantly and consistently on a global stage and in communities/neighborhoods or small group populations. I never once imagined that the gaming community was affected by inequality too. I estimate that the rising inequality and stagnant mobility is fueled by class-based social disconnect and according to Christina Pazzanese, author of “The Rich and the Rest,” the widening gap between the rich and the rest of us is due to the “crippling nature of these disparities as they touch nearly every aspect of daily lives, from career prospects and educational opportunities to health risks and neighborhood safety.” Our social and economic disparities is a consequence of where and how we started out, that means that intelligent poor kids are less likely to go to or graduate college than
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