Analysis Of ' The Kingdom Of This World '

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“Kingdom of this World” is a story of succession, freedom, imprisonment, and despair. It is the stories of the different slaves and owners of the Haitian revolution. Ti Noell, one of the main slaves talked about in this book, is shown going through a constant struggle throughout his entire life. It also tells the story of M. Lenormand de Mézy, a slave owner who relies on riches and sins to fuel his life. This book shows the revolution through actual stories from these people. It makes it easier to understand what the revolution was actually like. Throughout this paper I will tell how this book supports, and devalues the Haitian revolution. This book is a tribute to the Haitian, for one, because it shows you the hardships that the slaves…show more content…
Making their freedom very important. Freedom to express their culture, and to be their own people. Though this book does a lot of good explaining the Haitian revolution, it also has some flaws. While telling how great it is to have these slaves freed, it also shows the nasty things they did when they revolted. Such as killing their owners, killing animals, and so forth. These acts are obviously things that their owners did on a daily basis. But seeing the slaves do it, makes it almost seem hard to root for them. You want to be happy for them for breaking free from enslavement and taking their freedom. But when you hear about Ti Noell wanting to go and rape his master’s wife, it takes away from the suffering. It makes them seem no better than the people enslaving them. This book also, at times, focuses on the wrong things. This book does a very good job of telling us about the revolution without sounding like a history book. Yet it also takes away from the actual story line with weird focusing on sexual exploits. Such as the whole Pauline story. Pauline is the wife of a military head. She does not have much to do with the freeing of slaves, yet she still plays a very important role in this book. She likes to sexually play with a slave. The author heavily focuses on this, and it takes away from what was actually going on in the revolution. Carpentier did a very good job relaying the
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