Analysis Of The Launch Of French Beauty And Cosmetics Giant

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Abstract The article aims to explore the possibility of the launch of French beauty and cosmetics giant Sephora into the Australian market. The paper touches on the environmental factors which affects the current beauty and toiletries industry in Australia. It also conducts an opportunity analysis for Sephora to identify its key competitive factors to gain an edge in the Australian market. Findings suggest that Australia is a viable market for Sephora but it has a few drawbacks. Table of Contents Topic Page Number INTRODUCTION 3 ANALYSIS OF BACKGROUND 3 STATEMENT OF SCOPE 3 METHOD 3 SWOT ANALYSIS 4 ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS 5-8 COMPETITION 8 STRATEGY 8 CONCLUSION 9 BIBLIOGRAPHY 10 Introduction Sephora is a leading French…show more content…
(Mictchell, 2014) Statement of Scope In my research report I would like to explore the current environmental factors within which Sephora will be launching in Australia. I will conduct a SWOT analysis to find out Sephora’s competitive position and Marketing Potential in Australia .I also aim to find out the various environmental factors that affects the beauty and cosmetics business in Australia. By conducting this research I intend to identify the opportunities that can be leveraged by Sephora to enter the Australian cosmetics market. Method A SWOT Analysis is a useful technique to find out a firm’s competitive position .A SWOT Analysis divides the information into two main categories(internal and external factors) and further into positive aspects(strengths and opportunities) and negative aspects(weaknesses and threats).Based on the SWOT framework marketing executives can plan alternative marketing strategies. (Kotabe & Helsen, 2010). SWOT Analysis for Sephora Strengths 1. Inexpensive cosmetics-Sephora provides great quality products for less than $20. (Guthrie, 2014). Cosmetics in Australia are expensive. Consumers pay more because of higher wages, distance and sparse population. (Stiles, 2014).Sephora’s cheap

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